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Integer Scaling in Runelite on Monitors With Fractional Scaling under Windows

My second monitor has a scaling of 125% and the Old School Runescape client Runelite is blurry on it. This is common with applications that do not use the new WinUI and the solution across the programs is the same. Locate the .exe, right click, properties, compatibility, change high DPI settings and enable high DPI scaling override.

When you set this up and launch the game again, you'll notice things are different, worse even. Now instead of things looking blurry, they're looking garbled! That's because Runelite still gets the overall scaling from the OS and applies that to everything using nearest neighbor algorithm.

To fix this, you have to close the client and then search for "RuneLite (configure)" under Windows search, or launch the executable with the flag --configure. Then in that window, you need to set the scale value to 1.0 and press save.

Next time you open the game, you'll notice the things look exactly like they should, the integer scaling option in the Stretched Mode plugin will work just fine. If youre using the GPU or 117 HD plugin (which you should if your system can support it), do not forget to change the UI scaling mode to nearest neighbor, else everything will look blurry.