Port Forwarding with Wireguard and UFW

17 January 2024

I wanted to open my home servers' port to host a Minecraft server without paying my ISP extra money for static IP so I documented how I did it.

PS/2 Modding, Cleaning and Fixing a Mitsumi KPQ-E99ZC Keyboard

29 December 2023

I bought a Mitsumi KPQ-E99ZC with its original box from Kadikoy Sali Pazari last month along with other nice things. The keyboard had an AT connector so I replaced it with PS/2 and later fixed its problems.

Integer Scaling in Runelite on Monitors With Fractional Scaling under Windows

28 June 2023

I have noticed that Runelite was blurry on my second monitor and the integer scaling option wasn't working, so I have documented how I fixed it.

A Brief Overlook into Audio and Video Codecs and Ways to Improve Them Using Filters

27 October 2022

I gave a presentation about audio and video codecs for my Smart Multimedia Systems course.

Comparison Between S-Video and Composite

22 August 2022

The S-Video cable for my PS2 just arrived so I wanted to make a comparison between composite and S-Video.

Rescuing a Semi-bricked Japanese Wii

21 August 2022

I recently got a Japan import Wii and noticed it was semi-bricked. I documented how I rescued it.

Capturing Composite Video and How YouTube Deals With Them

11 August 2022

I explained what I did in order to achieve good video from composite signal.

My Music Collection and How I Record my LPs

12 July 2022

I talk about our music collection and how I record the video of tracks from LPs.

Combining KDE with i3

28 May 2022

Explaining what I did to bring tiling to KDE using i3.

PS3 Eraser Mod

14 June 2020

I documented the Eraser Mod by Naked_Snake1995 which tremendously improves the thermals of PS3 without the need for delidding.